Thousand Oaks Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions


In the Thousand Oaks area, Runway Vibes Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions add multiple eyelash extensions to one single natural eyelash using the VOLUMIZATION technique. This creates depth, volume and texture. Runway Vibes Russian Volume Lashes give clients the option to flirt with the volume they have never had.

Runway Vibes is Thousand Oaks’s Top Eyelash Extension and Brow Salon. Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions are perfect for those with sparse natural lashes and for those who cant get the fullness they are looking for. Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions is an advanced technique that only highly skilled technicians can perform effectively due to the complexity of the service.

At Runway Vibes in the Thousand Oaks area it is all about you and who you want to be. Runway Vibes is your one stop shop for Premier Eyelash Extensions. Eyebrow Services, Skincare Treatments, Makeup Applications and Waxing Services.

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