Special Effects Makeup

Fantasy Makeup or Special Effects Makeup allows a full range of creativity, whether you wear a subtle fantasy look or you go all out in a detailed display. Our Special Effects Makeup varies in time and price, a consultation is required before booking. For more information please call Runway Vibes at 1-805-230-3422.

Consultation is 30 Minutes and Starts at $55.

  • Special Effects Makeup Kit Fees:
    • Hourly Rate: $40/Hour (3 Hour Minimum)
    • Half Day Rate: $215 (4-5 Hours)
    • Full Day Rate: $325 (6-8 Hours)
    • *If 8 or More Hours are needed, an additional $100 per Hour.


  • Special Effects Makeup Applications: (Kit Fee Not Included)
    • Fantasy Eye, Stage, Basic Costume Makeup Starting at $75.
    • Face Paint / Grease Paint


  • Basic Trauma Makeup Starts at $75.
    • Bruises, Minor.


  • Advanced Trauma Makeup Starts at $200.
    • Prosthetic Pieces


  • Zombie, Old Age, Character-Basic Makeup Starts at $150.
    • Minor Prosthetics, Liquid Latex.


  • Zombie, Old Age, Character-Advanced Makeup Starts at $275.
    • Detailed Prosthetics, Latex, Bald Cap, Hair, Etc.

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